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ryand said...

Hey Joel, I see that you linked to bike polo. Thanks for that. We meet up every Thursday night around 7 to play. All people are welcome to join us. We play at Rush Rink at 13th and D SE. Also, on dcfixed.com there is a thread in the forum about polo where people can come and ask questions or just talk shit with us. Its a lot of fun, and I encourage you to come swing by some week. Maybe I'll run into you at Capital Cross. ryan

gwadzilla said...


I had been meaning to swing by with my camera


is it lit?

I will have to head by there
thanks for the added info

and yes
see you at the Cap Cross Classic


ryand said...

It is lit rather well, actually. The set up we have is actually pretty awesome.

You are more than welcome to swing by and take some snaps.

Also, I think we are going to be on NPR this Saturday?