moderation... everything in moderation

everything in moderation
sometimes enough is enough
sometimes ideas go too far

watching this HBO documentary on the co-founder of PETA; Ingrid Newkirk

the notion of being vegetarian is one level
then vegan is another
health or not wanting to eat animals
I can understand all of that
I can understand being against furs
even not wanting people to use leather

then things go too far
as in the case of the use of animals in science
the use of animals in medical testing is vital

I am not positive
I recall hearing that Ingrid is diabetic
using medicine that was derived from research that involved animal testing
which well... throws all of her extreme ideas into a level of hypocrisy

her belief that people should not have pets is absurd
domesticated pets are our companions
dogs and cats are part of the human family

bull fights? cockfights? these things are up for debate
but the house cat or the hunting dog

well... some of these ideas are just ideas created to be consistent

this lady is a freak

good comes from her extreme actions
as there are times we must seek the extreme to achieve the mean
but she is a freak
an extreme freak
not seeking the mean
she is seeking the extreme
the freaky extreme

more power to her
but I think she is a freak
a circus sideshow freak
it may be more about the attention

the documentary makes this point
and it rings true

the documentary never calls Ingrid a freak
but just as Ingrid likes to let the images speak for her ideas
I think the images make it clear
this lady is a freak


Jim said...

There's a reason we evolved pointy teeth, and eyes in the front of our heads rather than the sides like herbivores. Hint: it's not to make us better at spotting celery and then grinding it up at the local salad bar. Honest docs will tell you that most people's bodies - especially babies' - aren't cut out for subsisting solely on weeds.

I've got nothing against people who want to enjoy malnourishment, that's their decision; but I have a big problem with them trying to inflict it on everybody else.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

I think it comes down not so much to whether we are "natural" carnivores, but to the way in which we obtain our food. Factory farming is just a fucking horrorshow. Just because we've voluntarily removed ourselves from the life of hunters doesn't mean we shouldn't bear responsibility for how our food becomes food.

There is room for freaks, a very broad genus that, in the eyes of the public at large, currently includes hardcore urban cyclists.

gwadzilla said...

the actions of groups like PETA have their merit
they keep people in check

their extreme efforts put needed controls on things such as animal testing or factory farming

the cruelty or abusiveness in unneccesary

but modern medicine and pepperoni on my pizza are neccesary