not feeling much like words right now

not feeling much like words right now
still tapped out from this cold

the weekend is almost here and I need to start plotting my approach
if this cold does not disappear than racing just does not make sense
I could consider riding with this cough and this could
but I would be kidding myself to try and race

did not have time for a ride after work today
so I just rode straight home and walked the dog
in the woods I found a phone in the leaves
then found the owner
after that I went to unload christmas trees at my older son's school
it was fun to hang out and help out

a good karma night
a good feeling
not the same good feeling I get from riding
a good feeling just the same

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Blue-eyed Devil said...

Gwadzi, I cannot recommend highly enough the synergistic effects of zinc monomethionine, echinacea (standardized extract), and goldenseal root (standardized extract) in driving out that lingering cold.

Oh, and as with morphine derivatives, you're gonna want to take 'em with a good beer. ;)