Word of the Day...

Word of the Day: C_nt

C_nt as defined by the Urban Dictionary

while I snagged this from Answers dot com
cunt (kŭnt) n. Vulgar Slang.
  1. The female genital organs.
  2. Sexual intercourse with a woman.
    1. Offensive. Used as a disparaging term for a woman.
    2. Used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.
here it is Monday morning...

I just finished my miniature morning commute into work
the ride in is short and effortless
no need to get my heart rate up
just a few pedal strokes down the hill towards my office

yet things are not always so easy
the roads are filled with all sorts of idiots and assholes
most of them are idiots
the rest of them are assholes
the more assertive ones tend to be selfish c_unts

as I weave through traffic I try to look ahead
anticipating the obstacles
trying to know what idiotic maneuver the cars around me are going to try and pull
always trying to place me and my bicycle in the spot which is most safe

expect the unexpected
anticipate the worst
never assume that you are seen
always put yourself in the place which is most safe
I always try to put myself in the place which is most safe

on this morning short monday ride into work I encountered the same cast of idiots I always experience
it all starts as I exit the alley behind my house and roll onto the neighborhood streets
the cars travel down these urban residential streets like rockets ships trying to get enough momentum to break through the earth's atmosphere
no thought of anything other than achieving maximum speed in the short distance before the stop sign, the red light, or the next line of cars blocked up in line just ahead

to them I am just an annoying obstacle
not someone's son, someone's brother, someone's husband, someone's father, a dog's owner, or someone's friend
no... I am just that annoying cyclist that they NEED to be in front of
even if being in front means rushing to the next bumper just ahead
even if getting there means putting me at risk

I weave through traffic down the city streets
cars roll through stop signs never slowing or stalling for me as I approach
how can they see me? they are not looking for me
their focus in on their phone call and their cup of Starbucks coffee
not the world around them

my pace is not race pace
it does not have to be
my casual pace will put me ahead of the line of cars
I can roll around the double parked cars, the loading/unloading metro bus, or the frequently halting trash truck
I go around these obstacles while the cars get stuck behind them
I see the pedestrian at the corner
all the while watching for the pedestrian that steps out between the cars mid-block

how is it that the driver's of these cars can not see past their dashboard?
how is it that they can not see that there is blockage just ahead?

why is it that the car driver feels as if they NEED to be ahead of the cyclist?

the near miss does not bother me as much as the reaction of the driver
the shaking of the head
the motioning with the hands
the gestures
all the while they are in the wrong and they are blaming me

I saw them... they did not see me
from their gestures I assume that they know sign language
so I gesture back
if my gesture is not official American Sign Language than I reiterate my point vocally
no... they can not hear me
but they most certainly can read my lips

F_cking C_unt!

Ignorant C_nt!
Ignorant F_cking C_nt!

what is their logic? where is their reasoning?

need for show and tell
it is not important that I go into great detail of the make and model of the car or the age, sex, or race of the drivers
it is all summed up better by just referring to them as C_unts
Ignorant Obnoxious Self Center C_nts!
Fricking Car Driving C_nts!

am I angry? yes.
my most sincere apology for exposing you to this ugliness
but thank you for letting me get this out
I do feel slightly better

(art by georgia o' keefe... she depicts a beautiful thing... while what I describe is something nasty)

((and all drivers of any gender get the same tongue lashing if they put me at risk with their inconsiderate driving behaviors))