I was blown away by the BONES BRIGADE film

the Bones Brigade have a huge impact upon the the subculture I was a part of
but... I was dim to it
it was on my radar
but not in my VHS player

that may have inhibited my growth as a skateboarder
while having the inverse effect upon so many of my peers
these skaters and their moves and then their videos influenced a generation... well... a small subculture within a generation
with such a ripple effect that their efforts have changed the world

The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
Stacy Peratla is AWESOME!
he molded these people as athletes and as human beings

a moment of silence for the loss of Stacy's 22 year old son Austin

Stacy is clearly an intensely loving individual
I am sorry for his loss
life has once again proven that it is not fair