Cold and windy today

No ride planned
Did the Melvin Hazen in the AM

woke up this morning and felt the bitter chill of winter
I had no plans to ride
which meant I had no plans to break
it was just a matter of deciding what to do with my day

or more realistically
what I was going to do with the family on this day

Saturday morning started with its usual routine...
well... a routine similar to most Saturdays

I woke a little later than usual and assisted with the task of motivating Dean and Grant to get dressed and get out the door for Tae Kwon Do

with the boys occupied I took to my usual morning task
with coffee in hand I walked out the door with the dog at my side

it was late for Didg's first walk of the day
but... it was not the first time he got up
part of the reason I was sleeping late was because I had already been up early
I got up and let the dog out at 5:30ish

with the dog on the leash I crossed the street and contemplated my trajectory

having no reason to rush back I walked past the closest three short loop options and took it just a couple of feet further

took Didg down to The Melvin Hazen
we hit this loop after getting Grant from school sometimes

it was nice
pretty much had the trail to myself
saw lots of runners on the bike path
but only ran into one person on the trail
another dad from John Eaton was out with his son and dog

good way to start the day
it may be about time I stepped out with the dog this evening

Melvin Hazen