Bones Brigade

it was on my radar but not in my VHS player
my loss

the Bones Bridade: An Autobiography is FANTASTIC

I skated during this era
this was the revival
this was "the next wave"
my efforts were more for entertainment than sport
skated more street than ramp

enjoyed the adventure of getting to the ditches and the ramps
but did not approach it like a sport
those who excelled were motivated and disciplined
it is remarkable... because "skaters" have a reputation for being "slackers"

but really...
those that were talented were as skilled athletes as the captain of the football team
and many well beyond that
yet... since it was counter culture
the sport was misunderstood and did not get the respect that it deserved

the lesson from this...
allow my children to find their inspiration
magazines and videos
let them see what others are doing
let them see what the limits of the sport are