Elvis... the other Elvis

growing up I was totally into music
not playing music
but listening to music
music on the turn tables

my interests went through a progression
classic rock and roll morphed into punk
I had the basic understanding that Pop music was crap
but was totally entertained by the music video

I would watch a video of a band but would not listen to their music otherwise
girls in the videos helped with that
cable and MTV did not enter my world until the later years
maybe mid college

so it was just records and record covers
and we would go to the library and book stores to browse magazines and books or information on our favorite bands and our new music discoveries
this was the world before the Internet

index cards in file cabinets and the dewy decimal system... we did not have Google

there was so much music
so much fantastic music
some bands I would aggressively take on their full anthology
other bands would get nothing more than a greatest hits
while other performers would have one album selected from their full body of work

David Bowie had a few albums
but Columbia House and its One Cent deal brought greatest hits into my collection
The Clash had full representation.... with London Calling on forward I was able to purchase their albums at the store on their day of their release
then there were some artists... Elvis Costello was one of those artists for me
some artists only had one album selected to give me full representation

no Armed Forces... no Blue
just My Aim is True

fantastic album

Beastie Boys and Elvis Costello on Saturday Night Live