a sad weekend for the extended cycling family in the east

life it not to be taken lightly
life is to be honored and appreciated
even those of us that love our lives do not always honor them

life is risky
live at your own risk

it was a sad weekend for the for the extended cycling family on the east coast
two racers died while involved in two different races
neither died from a crash
both died from heart failure

one on road one on mountain
there was a death at the crystal city classic in a road race
then another death at the in a mountain bike race

then a retired professor had an accident on a sidewalk or a multiuse path
that accident resulted in death

life is dangerous
live at your own risk

love life
honor life

my heart goes out to the friends and family of these people who have died
to me these are just stories
I do not know them
so there is no great sadness
yet I can empathize
most certainly there are many people in great pain after each individual loss

my neighbor chris raced in the crystal city event and worked in a shop with ben pritchard
we are a small community
I know many people have lost a friend

park ave bike shop
-where ben worked
picture on the sologoat page of ben
some words about the passing from a friend of ben's on pink bike

there is stuff on the death of keith mitchell
here is a blog entry, yeagerreport.blogspot.com that touches on the death within a race report from the crystal city classic
wash post obit

life is not to be taken lightly
and no
this is not the time for me to get on my soap box saying to slow down your cars and put down your guns


KMAX said...

Wow, I heard about Keith but I didn't know about Ben. That's so terrible. He looks so young in the pictures.

My heart go out to their families.

This kind of goes with your other post too about not taking the fun things in life too seriously. There are so many more important things out there; the riding should be fun while it can be.

gwadzilla said...

ride when you can
live when you can

ride while you still can
live while you still can