24 Hours of Big Bear Results

here are some results from the 24 Hours of Big Bear 2007...

Overall Results

spent a few minutes looking over the results
I had a good race
bonked hard on the beautiful morning lap
that or my bird watching added more time to my lap than expected
which is fine... as I logged a few species to my life list of bird sitings
the drawings are a little sweat soaked
but I can touch them up when they dry

I was the slow guy on a fast team
the big slow guy on a fast team
our DCMTB-City Bikes-Metro Gutter Men's Vet team finished second in our class and 8th overall!

I am pleased with my efforts
if the cloning of GWADZILLA as a four man GWADZILLA TEAM would have won the Clydesdale Class... but... Granny Gear rules prevent me from enlisting my Gwadz Clones