results... we do not do it for results... we do it for the experience

do not do it for the results

do it for the experience

the results only tell part of the tale
just the tale of the tape
the experience is something more
the experience is the moment and so many moments leading into that moment

we like results
results tell us something

the results also help us to relive the moment
while also aiding to build for better moments and also better results

just looked at my results from last week's wednesday at wakefield
starting to wonder about the results from the 12 hours of cranky monkey that took place today
I was not at the cranky monkey event today
my brother and an assortment of dcmtb racers were there
part of me wanted to be there
while part of me did not care

I have always liked looking at the results

W@W#1 6PM Results

W@W#1 7PM Results

I think I am too tired to crunch the numbers
it is all very confusing to me

Cranky Monkey Results

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