Wednesday at Wakefield

Last night PVC hosted their first race in their summer series Wednesday at Wakefield (W@W)
there was some threat of summer showers
every summer the W@W events are threatened by summer showers
but... a morning rain did no damage and the races went on as planned

for some strange reason I tried to take the fun out of things by racing in the Single Speed Class at 6PM then with the Clydesdales at 6:55
it is a close finish to start situation
but it can be done

I car pooled with my neighbor Chris McGill
we cruised in style in the HOV lane
arrived with plenty of time to register, put the number on my bike, realize I had a slow leak on my Single Speed, pumped things up, and started the race

the Single Speed race is pretty cut throat
the top ten are all fighting for the hole shot
everyone after that is scrapping for respect
passing is neither free nor easy

I was digging the Single Speed race
feeling pretty solid on the bike
having no issues
but the rear tire was losing air pretty fast
half way through the second lap I had to stop and hit the back tube with some C02

the few minute stall lost me nearly a dozen spots
but.... I was back on the trail and back to racing
it was tough to regain position
managed to pass a handful of people that had passed me

it was tough to focus on finishing the Single Speed race as I tried to factor my finish time so that I could line up with the Clydesdales

in the end there were no worries...

I was able to finish the Single Speed with at least 90 seconds to head down to the start of the Clydesdale event

once on the course with the Clydesdales I was feeling the effects of the summer heat, previous three laps, and the fact that it was dinner time and I had not eaten
I was being tailed by Doug aka Clydesdale Lite
he was gunning for the number one slot
for nearly two complete laps he allowed me to set the pace

when he finally passed I let him go
as it was more important to focus on my feel on the bike that finishing first
Doug was within site
but not within reach
the legs were losing power
the legs were losing strength
I crawled across the finish
I was pleased with my efforts

will be interesting to see the lap times
gears versus single
first race versus last

both races had the passing blues
the first race there were all sorts of beginners on the trail
some younger than others
all difficult to pass

the clydesdale race had its passing woes as well

not sure of the lap times
but I think I was 14th in Single Speed and 2nd in Clydesdale
wanted top ten in Single Speed and 1st in Clydesdale
but that is just not how things played out

after the race there was the classic mixing and mingling
all sorts of faces crawl out of the gutter for this event
there were bike lane bums, single speed outlaw scammers, pedal shop punks
and all sorts of unattached freaks
all sorts of people making the scene for what is the dc metropolitain area mountain biker's version of a softball game
I did not make it to Kilroys.... but I did stay quite a bit after the race ended

some photos by lee from W@W#1

gary ryan was there with the camera
as well as some others


riderx said...

Double Trouble!

Conservative Futurist said...

It was my first race... and I had a blast! In my second lap, I started to get passed by some of the Experts... I can only hope I had a steady enough track to let hem pass easily!

Can't wait for W@W 2!

KMAX said...

I'm with Dan, (though I raced beginner so there were no experts on my tail) that race was so much fun. I'm ready for the rest of the series and the Cranky Monkey series too.