Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

Fort Reno Summer Concert Series
it is free
it is fun

on the topic of granny gear and 24 hour races
this shot of fugazi at fort reno is from '97

if I remember correctly
I was headed from my dad's house to my place downtown with a friend in town from Idaho who had just raced a granny gear event
we were crossing town
I was giving an audio tour as I drove by various spots

as I started in on our approach to Fort Reno I noticed an odd amount of Alterna-Dads and Indy-Rocking Moms had me thinking that there was some action in the park
sure enough
we rolled up in time to catch Fugazi
who for a short while became the house act... not sure if they open and closed each Fort Reno season
but it sure felt that way

I think the Slickee Boys opened and closed the Fort Reno season
then again... I am old and my memory is blurred

FORT RENO PARK... what a great place to host a cyclocross race
if only DC could take the stick out of its ass

Eon McKai at MYSPACE


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Fugazi's gone and the closest you're likely to get at FR is The Evens. A good act, nonetheless.

gwadzilla said...

how about Minor Threat?
any chance I can catch them?
I really want to see them live

gwadzilla said...

the evens are playing the same night as joe lally
which makes 2/5ths of fugazi

or something like that

Blue-eyed Devil said...

According to MacKaye, Fugazi isn't dead, hence my vague status description of "gone."

Man, you're in a pissy mood...put down that red wine and let your liver come up for air, ha!

gwadzilla said...

I saw Joe Lally on 18th Street as I rode home from work yesterday
he was with his family
I gave a "Hey Joe" as I rolled past
no sense in slowing
as I do not know him

he said "Hi" back
and I am sure his young daughter wondered what that was all about

Mansard said...

I saw Ian M. at Dulles Airport in March. He gave me a nice head nod.

Fort Reno is great. I want to go this year... just gotta sit down and listen to some bands to see when I wanna go.

Have a great week, Gwadzilla!