crocs, fashion, and the president

an article in yesterday's Washington Post
the fashion and function of crocs for the bicycle riding president

I am not such a big fan of the current president
nor am I very excited about the current administration
I have no problem with his use of Crocs as a pre-mountain bike ride shoe selection
nor do I have any issue with our president staying young by staying on the bike

but I have one question...
oklay... I have many questions
has there been any positive backlash to having a mountain biking president?
has there been an increase in funding towards heath and fitness?
are there any bike programs in schools because of this president?
are there more mountain bike trails being built?
does the current administration have urban programs to get kids on bikes and then out on the trails?

I do not think so
heck... I do not think that the soldiers in Iraq/Afganistan have bicycles as tools in situation where these vehicles would be an asset to our troops

I live under two miles from the White House
from where I sit there has not been any change in growth in the mountain bike trail system in this area

less than ten miles from the White House is Fort Dupon/Fort Circle
these are legal mountain bike trails
primative mountain bike trails
this would be a great place to build a mountain bike specific cross country park
put in some "man made"
berm some turns
a few cross country bridges
leave a few natural obstacles
but what is there?
there is not much more than the law saying it is okay to ride there
not much more

I am not saying that there needs to be a big jump park... just a place for people to build some skills
then if popularity grew... it would be awesome to have a federally funded indoor cross country skills park like Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park

there are public basketball courts, there are soccer fields, there are plenty of baseball and softball fields
why is it that there is not more attention to mountain biking options?


the original big ring said...

I'm burning my Crocs.

Rob said...

We were debating where he road the other night. i figured mostly at camp david and others went with AFB and another based out there I don't remember the name of. Gotta remember to invite GW out for a Thursday at Schaeffer...hahahah. cheers as usual Gwad....


Jim said...

Actually the Administration requested and received more money for bike trail projects - around $7 million in the last DOT authorization bill - than had been been spent previously.

I would argue that it's not enough, and that bike paths, lanes, and bike promoting initiatives are a valid and important part of a national energy strategy... but what the hell do I know. I wear Tevas pre- and post-ride.

FWIW, POTUS rides a lot out at the Patuxent center near Greenbelt. Secret Service has an enormous training facility out there, and it abuts the wildlife area. I'd like to see if he could hang at Greenbelt in the C race, personally, though I'd settle for Wakefield. Hell, if Mayor Fenty can race the Crystal City crit, then surely POTUS can hang on dirty Wednesdays...

gwadzilla said...

Craig is still burning his crocs

and where the Prez rides...
no one else can ride

I was actually talking dirt trails
while we definitely need more bike trails and bike lanes
as well as a full on PSA campaign to educate the world about how to behave around cyclists