baltimore bush doctors

the baltimore bush doctors

we camped along side of the baltimore bush doctors again this year
good neighbors those bush doctors

not as much time around the campfire this year
more focus on racing
I know I was tired between laps this year

good to catch up just the same

I closed up lap one with TJ

they rocked the course taking first in the single speed category
I think that it was a rigid single speed category
tough course for a rigid bike
if I owned double squishy I would have raced on a double squishy

chad can show first hand how rough a course it was out there
as he broke his Niner frame

I think that there were two lefty forks broken on the trail
which is not so odd
as the cannondale lefty just got recalled
cannondale also just recalled bikes with carbon cranks


Unknown said...

Nice showing by the Balto. boys. I was digging their retro style jerseys.

camps said...

Uh oh,
Chad better get that frame replaced or they ain't gonna beat Andy and me at the Wild 100.

gwadzilla said...