peace love and pedros

Pedros degreasers are enviromentaly friendly

I did not know that they were producing these products
learned this at 34x18.blogspot.com



Blue-eyed Devil said...

Hmm...environmentally friendly is good and I salute them for their approach, but as far as I can tell, that van hauling that trailer runs on garden variety gasoline. Spreading the eco-love in a vehicle that coughs out CO2 is a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

Why not go the distance with bio-diesel or something?

If I'm wrong, then I apologize in advance...

Reminds me of a recent presentation on global warming I attended hosted by Lise Van Susteren, during which she stressed the importance of making responsible personal decisions (e.g., not driving unless necessary). Afterwards, in the Q&A session that followed, I asked her (and the attendees) how she got to the presentation site. Reluctantly, she admitted to driving there in her SUV. Everyone laughed it off as an "oops" moment and no one understood my point that if you ask others to sacrifice, you better be ready to do the same or risk loss of credibility.

End of rant.

gwadzilla said...


there needs to be a measure of such things

like Al Gore in Inconvenient Truth
flying around in that charter plane
each flight causes as much enviromental damage as an average three person american family creates in a year (flights aside)

but... big picture

not everyone can be Ed Beagley Junior