Garbage Warrior... am I a garbage warrior?

June 12-17, 2007

Silver Spring, MD, just outside Washington, DC


Blue-eyed Devil said...

You can easily ride to these films from DC. CCT goes pretty much all the way to the theatre, with the exception of a few blocks of road riding at the end.

You will need lights, though, if you go in the evening; the "unfinished" sections of the trail can be tricky in the dark.

A great, relatively easy ride.

gwadzilla said...

shall we ride out to catch a film one of these nights?

the CCT is my home court

that section that is closed

I can remember walking those tracks drunk off malt liquor in high school

the bats swarming at our heads
running fast trying to time the distance of the old railroad ties on the rotten tressel

gwadzilla said...

and that picture...
that is not me
although I felt like that this morning after one too many glasses of red wine