some stuff from big bear

here are some random images from the Granny Gear 24 Hours of Big Bear

it is hard to be a participant and an observer at the same time
many things were seen
very few things were captured by the camera
I wish I had worn a helmet cam on the course

other images have been posted
scroll down further for those

double click on each image for a closer look

the race was awesome

the course is epic

the weather was pretty darn near perfect
the synergy between the team flowed as well as the course

race report to come

letting the memories gestate

I tried to get some Urban Cyclist stickers from the dirt rag tent... no luck

I tried to get some Urban Cycling stickers from the dirt rag tent... no luck

I tried to get some Urban Velo stickers from the dirt rag tent... you guessed it... no luck

checked out the ERGON grips at the tent

did not get in line to demo them

but discussed with various racers about the ERGON EXPERIENCE

people seemed stoked...
I may try to demo those at the next opportunity

maybe I will chase a pair down
heck... call me crazy
maybe I will buy a pair

there is a strange emotion when these events pass

there is always great anticipation leading into these events

then afterwards
there is almost "post party depression"

I am more than satisfied with my efforts and my results

the bike and body delivered

I worked hard

everyone wishes they had been faster

but it is too late for that