snakes, hornets, bees, wasps, and saddam

some things are best left alone...

in my life of hiking and biking I have encountered all sorts of animals out on the trail
for the most part I take a look and keep on rolling

if the amimal in the trail is threatened by me and my riding buddies we will work our way around the live obstacle
if the animal on the trail is a threat to the people on the trail... like an east coast rattle snake... we group and move around the deadly snake
warning other trail users as they approach the area where the snake was spotted

not trying to catch or kill the poisonous snake
respecting it and giving it space
not even trying to chase it off
knowing all the while that the snake is neither evil nor aggressive

most snake bites occur when people are trying to catch or kill the snake
give the snake some space and get on with your day

the same goes for hornets, bees, and wasps

for the most part hornets, bees, and wasps can be avoided
but... there is a time when they build a nest in close proximity to my home or the trails where I travel
so I create a plan
I do not just grab a stick and start poking
I create a plan
a plan that is set up like a chess game... thinking a few moves ahead

I go home and I regroup
I get some cans of hornet spray
usually I get more than I need
cause I do not want to be stuck out there without finishing the job
I go in there and plan my attack
there are instructions on the can
I read these instructions before hand and follow them as best I can
and I leave an out
an escape plan

it is pretty easy
the throwing of rocks at the nest may damage the nest and aggitate the hornets
but this will not solve the problem
it will make the dormant hive become active and aggressive
attacking and stinging anything that appears to be a threat
the live hornets will remain even if the nest is knocked from the tree
that is why it must be done quickly and done properly
cause I do not want these hornets to just swarm away to bulid another nest
if I want them dead I want them dead

are the hornets a threat to me?
if they build a nest in my kid's clubhouse or if they set up shop on the heavily traversed trail yes
but... it the hornets are off doing their thing away from me I just let them be
as the hornets like the snake are not evil or aggressive

and saddam?
and anyone seen Bin Laden lately?