all terrain reminds me....

this plug for all terrain on graceful edge reminds me of something from the other night...

the other night at the Manu Chao/Thievery Corp show at Merriweather I was trying to entertain myself in a long slow moving line for beer

while in line I chatted up the woman behind me

in our short small talk exchange the topic of malaria came up

the topic of the peace corps blended into the topic of malaria

peace corps people often like to bring up the peace corps

well... this story of malaria blended from peace corps to this month's issue of
National Geographic and its cover story on malaria
this woman was transitioning into the chase away story about her husband
which was funny....
as her husband's mosquito netting project in Africa was mentioned in this article
while my father was quoted in this article multiple times

small world...
I did not bring up the topic

not sure if she brought that topic up to anyone else

weird synergy


gewilli said...

that herbal stuff is great for mosquitoes... but it don't do squat for ticks.

'Round here in these parts the Malaria ain't so much a concern, the crippling disease of great proportions is Lymes disease. I've seen many people personally that have had their life dramatically changed due to the disease, and a few that got lucky and had a doctor diagnose it quickly.

Mosquitoes don't freak me out... ticks freak me out, not the dog ticks but the deer ticks ya can't see... as nasty as DEET is, it is about all that stands between you and Lymes Disease... low % works just fine no need to kill yourself with the jungle juice 100...

sorry for the tangent, and i was dissapointed with the article and the few actual SEM images in it. That and why did they have to use a colorized SEM image when the black and white is how it was collected and far more aesthetically pleasing...

gwadzilla said...

ticks are an issue here as well...

not really a DC problem
if global warming killed em...
no one would complain about global warming

Suki said...

oh, how I miss DC and the thievery corp.

14th street lounge used to be MY JOINT *sigh*

as for ticks...lyme disease blows. I spent a month on antibiotics last summer staving off nuerological symptoms and joint stiffness. was supposed to avoid the sun.


how much fun is THAT for a climber, you ask?


none. at. all.

pass the DEET, homeskillet...pass the DEET.