granny gear and solo riders

laird knight offers the top solo finisher award to the Steve Schwarz the winner of the solo class at the 24 hours of big bear in west virginia this weekend past

laird knight is a visionary
laird knight's contribution to the sport of mountain biking has created a ripple effect that it would be impossible to calculate what the world of cycling would be like without his impact
there is no saying that 24 hour mountain biking would have hit the levels it has hit in the last 16 years
there is no saying that 12 and 18 hour mountain bike relay races would exist
and of course... there is no saying that solo 24 hour mountain biking would exist
endurance racing would not be the same today if it had not been for laird knight and his vision
okay... there may not have ever been 24 Hour mountain biking itself

laird knight is a visionary
it is not just laird's idea
it is laird's excecution
plenty of people have ideas
it is not just laird's idea it is laird's effort and his execution

laird not only created 24 hour racing but he tried to make mountain biking a spectator sport

The Laird Knight Story is an interesting biography
but don't write the final chapter
as that story is still writing itself

Steve Schwarz is a bad ass!

the focus of the solo racers is amazing
there is something different about their brains
it is not just their bodies
it is so much their brains
the intensity and the focus it takes to ride one fast lap is more than most people possess
but to continue this action for 24 hours?
imagine driving your car for 10 hours
it is something that I have a hard time to approaching as it is just hypothetical for me
something I will never be able to experience

gwadzilla: whatever happened to john stamstad?
that guy was a legend (john stamstad)
stamstad is still an endurance bad ass