over at bikecentric

I dropped this image over at bikecentric

saw becky at wakefield
she mentioned the shot
thought it was worth sharing here

I was curious to talk with rickyd about what happened on wednesday
was it the bike
was it the body
was it just not there that day
thought ricky would want to try and put his tires in the top five slot
heck... I wanted to be in the top ten
sure I know the top three is already determined by the top five

wonder what happened to rickyd?
was it the bike?
was it the body?
was it the day?

saw lots of people racing in the SSOFT Kit at Wakefield


Unknown said...

'Twas the legs...and the lungs, my friend. The rest of this year's results are going to remain the same for me.

gwadzilla said...

what about the lips?
what about the lips?

I think it was the lips

Unknown said...

Lips still swollen. Saw doc today. Medrol pack, baby! It's a steroid, so hopefully it'll make my muscles pop to gigantic proportions.

gwadzilla said...

use the pack
hit the trainer