PSA idea for stopping at Stop Signs and Stop Lines

a quick little Public Service Announcement idea...
let me see if I can get the thoughts out

If cars stopped at Stop Signs and Stop Lines the ripple effect would be grand
If cars stopped at Stop Signs and Stop Lines there would be a more safe enviroment for all

cars would have to slow down sooner
cars would have not be able to achieve the same high speeds in between stop signs in urban areas
cars would than maybe have more of a chance to yeild to other cars at a four way stop
(so often it is my turn at a four way stop, when a slow and go jumps ahead out of turn)
cars would have a greater opportunity to make safe considerations for people in the crosswalk

here is the basic idea....
let your imagination create the imagry

What if there was a penalty for not making a complete stop at the stop line?
What if cars that rolled past the stop line were immediately punished by a device that slammed on the hood of their car?
maybe an anvil could drop from the sky
there could be a device that crushes the front of the car from both sides
like one of those compactors that we all saw on Seasame Street that turned a big american car into a small metal box
show this device crushing the front end of the neglectful driver's car
along with their shocked expression

show a quick edit sequence of several cars at different intersections rolling through the stop sign
doing the usual slow and go
then with the crushing of the front end
the sound of the impact shocking the viewer
then the dumbfounded expression on their face
all somewhat distracted
one of the people on the cell phone

then... there can be mention that this resolve may be a tad extreme
then show the alternative
a car rolling through a stop sign hitting a pedestrian
a car rolling through a stop sign crushing a mother and child in a stroller
a car rolling through a stop sign hitting a child on a bicycle
then the driver's expression

the same fast edit
the same focus on the sound of the impact

then ask if the resolve is too extreme?
avoid the easily avoidable
an apology and a sad face would all come too late

stop at stop signs at the stop line
be respectful of pedestrians and their rights
avoid excessive speeds in residential neighborhoods
live life with common sense and common courtesy
be civilized

is this too much to ask?