watched bridge to terabithia

watched bridge to terabithia last night with the boys

it had been a full weekend with trips to the park, swimming pools, and bicycle rides
so some time with a bowl of microwave popcorn and a movie seemed like a fair way to wind down the weekend

the movie came well recommended by other parents with children of similar ages

we popped some of that microwave kettle corn and dimmed the lights for that full movie experience
bonus... kettle corn!

the movie was fantastic
my eyes have not been so clean since big fish
I was warned it was a tear jerker so I just started crying with the previews and did not stop until the ending credits

once the film was over it was time for bed
six year old dean crashed out fast
while three year old grant was somewhat tramatized by the film
he could not sleep
he could not be alone
he could not be rationalized with
he could only be comforted with companionship

A Gwadzilla Archive about the death of a close friend who died while on his bicycle
his loss was a sad loss to so many
he was one of my best friend's brothers
he was family to me
I remember he was burried the same day my brother got married
it was tough for my life to be moving forward while his stopped in place
I still do not understand death

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