slow sunday morning...

it is a slow sunday morning
the kids are still at my mom's from their sleep over
lisa is out walking brutus
I am just out of bed
simply sipping coffee, blogging, and waking up

last night lisa and I went to a show at Merriweather Post Pavillion
I am not sure
but, I do not think I have been there in 20 years
the last time I was there I must have been 20
I think I turned 20 on that night
it was a New Order show...
I went on my friend Damien's ticket... he did not show
he got hit by a car on the coastal highway in Ocean City and died at 11:45 that night
last night I was at Merriweather for Thievery Corp with Manu Chao
what a show!

Thievery was fantastic
it was a hoot to see my buddy rob on the MEGATRON
TC of ESL put on a stellar performance
then Manu Chao came in with that Latino Ska energy and rocked the house
everyone was stuck in pogo mode

The Manu Chao headline brought in a colorful crowd
Thievery brings in the DC Internationalists
Manu Chao brought in the Lation Immigrants
there was of course a good representation of White Bread
but more than likely a move diverse crowd than Merriweather usually experiences
not all Euro, not all Frat by, not all whatever

right now...
right now there are so many people several laps into EX2Adventures 12 hours of cranky monkey
the race started at 8am... the racers are already several laps into it
no way I could have bounced around to latino ska like a hairless qbert then raced today

I am totally stoked I got to experience the Manu Chao show
great energy!
good to get out!
good to get out and dance!

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