dc is not boulder

dc is not boulder

in dc everyone has a stick up their ass
the cyclists... they have a bike seat up their ass
a bike seat is better than a stick
still not good

dc could use some programs to entice more people to cycle as a mode of transportation
dc could use a program to explain to people how to drive around cyclists (and pedestrians)

boulder has some signs and some road markings that dc could learn from
the behavior of the drivers is also better than the dc area
the drivers are not perfect
there is fast and aggressive driving
but people seem to have a better understanding of space

dc is uncivilized like that
people tend not to respect each others space
people tend not to respect each other
dc is not a civil city

boulder seems more civilized than dc
sure boulder is not perfect
but there may certainly be a reason mork chose to land his egg in boulder instead of dc

boulder cycling campaign
oh man... the thai pie from nick and willies
dc could use a nick and willies
mount pleasant would do well with a nick and willies... franchise opportunity
any one?

dc has room for improvement
I think dc has potential
but it will definitely take some work
we would all be better for it

here are a few simple ideas...
bicycle programs in schools
I am not sure what WABA does
but I think that there should be bicycle classes in school just like there is health and home economics
a bicycle class could be so many things

everyone should learn to ride a bicycle
that is primary
then... everyone should know about bicycle safety
now... there is bicycle class for the advanced
you could go from the bike 101 to
bicycle repair 202 and bicyce riding for fun 202
economically this is a sound concept...
inexpensive transport for the young
inexpensive healthy transport for the yound

then... with the repair concept
the people who ride bikes will also know how to fix them
it always bewildered me how someone could take a 60 dollar huffy to a bike shop for two flat repairs
cause with tubes and labor you could go to walmart and get yourself half way to another 60 dollar bike

while we are in school
we can let this notion of bicycle education drift into driver's education
how many days in the semester of driver's education are devoted to proper behavior when driving around a cyclist?
how many films?
how many pages in the handbook?
how many questions on the test?
from the way people are driving... not enough would answer all the questions
none is more than likely that sad by true answer

I am rambling
a little frustrated
was just toubleshooting the television
cable is giving picture
but blurpy audio
was trouble shooting it
gave up and decided to just watch the dvd that was showing that the television will give sound and image from the dvd player
watching baraka
baraka on the wiki page