need to get ready.... getting there

tonight I got a good amount of stuff done for this weekend

put the lights on the charger as Matthew Sweet became the random selection on the iPod
as I worked on my geared Surly Karate Monkey songs by Government Issue came up several times in the rotation
went ahead and put on as many of the parts I could from my shop order

took off the old WTB tires and put on some Maxxis Ignitors
replaced the chain and the cassette
thought about my switch to the 11-34 from the 11-32
which made me think about the Shenandoah Mountain 100
maybe one more cog will keep me on the bike for some of those death march climbs

tried putting some cartridge brake pads on the rear
but the barrel set up was shorter
not allowing the swap to work

took a brake from the fresh rotation on the iPod to get ready for dean's wheels day
tomorrow is wheel day
it is also water day
school is winding down with some carnival like days
monday was pajama day
tomorrow is wheel day as well as being water day
friday is Hawaiian day... lisa bought dean a plastic lei

wheel day should be fun
could not find a match to dean's gloves
but the helmet is ready
the bicycle is already in the car
was wondering if I should put the race number back on from the CSC Invitational
dean wants to wear the medal from the ncvc cross race last fall
which means grant will want to wear his medal as well
guess i my boys will be wearing some bling to school tomorrow

was feeling really good about how the repairs had gone
the wheels got almost straight
the brakes felt like they could stop the bike
the new tires, chain, cassette, and pedals looked sweet
but... the cleats did not come out of the super well worn Sidi shoes
things got ugly
pulled out the dremel
tomorrow I may have to pull out the plastic

drinking a glass of wine and watching the sopranos
in a second I will go to bed
there is some good killing to watch
this model train hobby shop scene is a creative presentation