granny gear added photos to their results

granny gear's results from the 2007 24 Hours of Big Bear

that is kent and myself all the way viewer left
finishing 2nd in Men's Vet
8th overall

granny gear is not as popular as it once was
not as popular as it once was to the fast people
not as popular over all

at one point in time the Trek East Coast Factory Team duked it out with the Cane Creek pros for an exciting contest
now with no grand purse
there are far fewer fast people at these races

I would think that the word about the quality of this course would start bringing the people back
but... the field did not grow from the year prior
in fact... I think I my Men's Vet Team from last year finished 8th overall last year as well

yesterday I sent in an article for SPOKES magazine on the topic of Big Bear
it was not an easy article to write
so much to say... so much to cover
too many words
not enough said

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