it is hard... mixing the bicycle and the car

it is hard... mixing the bicycle and the car

yesterday I was headed home from work
was doing some of my usual post work bicycle thing
was headed across town through Cleveland Park
as I cruised down Reno Road I was being tailgated by a victim of the obesity epidemic
she was in her native habitat; pinned between the tilt steering wheel and the driver's seat
cell phone in hand pressed to her ear
the pork rinds were out of sight... but I am sure they were within reach

as I rolled down the hill she was following close behind
the light in front of me was yellow... nearly red
as she tried to force me out of the way I turned around and pointed at her then the changing light
she stopped at the second light that was just turning red
had I tried to stop at the first "orange light" I would have been run over for sure
she stopped at the second
I rolled through before things turned from orange to red

as I cranked it up the hill this poor victim of obesity epidemic ran the red light from a stand still
then passed me fast and close making some sort of face
maybe constipation
all the while still on the phone
her fast and close pass caused me to say words that I would not want to utter in front of my children

common sense?
common courtesy?

the actions of this driver are not good for me, her, or society
we are all embassadors for various subgroups
on the bike I can represent all cyclists
it can be up to me to mold non-cyclist's view of the cycling population
everyday each and everyone of us has the chance to be a positive representative of our tribe
dispelling stereotypes
bridging gaps
bringing the world together

there need to be some Public Service Announcements educating people about how to behave around cyclists and pedestrians