some random bitching...

baby talk...
I have never been much for baby talk
not to my boys when they were babies
not to my wife when we were young and in love

sure there may be some pet names
definitely some nicknames
sure an occassional cute this or cute that
but the institution of baby talk into the understanding of the world?
the reinforcing of a mispronunciation?
correct it... get past it... move on
I am not sure
I do not think so

today I ran into a friend along with the younger of his two daughers
a child the same age as my younger son
I asked her a few questions
to which the father answered all*
then they told me they were going to see the "moo moo"
I asked, "the what?"
it turns out it was the cow at the zoo

*I try to let my kids answer their own questions
if they are being shy or aloof I will chime in or try to draw them out

funny that the children of a journalist and an english professor do not know that the animal is a cow

that pisses me off as much as moms calling all small dogs puppies
or dads mislabeling the animals at the zoo
yes... I told my kids that the washington monument was a rocket ship
but... I promise I will correct that and other misinformation before they go off to college

and I am not above telling the mom at the aquarium that the fish are full grown and not "baby fish"

and I am also helpful enough to direct the dad's to the signs at the zoo that name the animals and tell where they are from to aid in their educating their children

no time?

I find it humorous when people tell me they do not have time or that they are too busy

single people or kid-less adults hate to hear from those of us with kids how busy we are
but more than that
I hate to hear from them how busy they are
I have a dog, two kids, a wife, a fulltime job
I am a lush
I am a blogger.... a compulsive blogger!
I ride and race bikes on a level just above sport
and there is more

you have time
make it happen
stop telling me you are busy
you do not even have a fish
your 40 hour a week job takes the same amount of time as anyone else's 40 hour a week job

even if you get paid more or are a more important cog in the machine than I am
40 hours is 40 hours to the CEO or to the janitor cleaning the toilets


megA said...


is joel-y wole-y grump-y grumpers?

sorry, i baby talk animals, and to the hubby. we are downright silly, but that's why we married each other.


gwadzilla said...

megA... did I tell you that DCMTB is setting up a cross race the weekend before charm city
I will email you some details
but think the sunday before charm city
could be a good season warm up
some fun racing before the races in the series begin
not to mention in DC


megA said...


i would love an excuse for i trip down south!

i'll be down july 10thish toooooooooooo.


Frank Brigandi said...

dated a girl who talked like a baby all tom frequently...it wasn't cute after about a week....