big dave from big wheel

big dave from big wheel is no longer a boy
big dave is now a man

dave who was once a boy in a man's body has gone and grown up
grown up to do adult things all over the world

the other day I was daydreaming while out on the bike
I tend to daydream while out on the bike
I rode the Mount Vernon trail out towards Old Town
turned around before I reached the city limits
my mind filled with memories of working at Big Wheel Bikes
memories of Big Wheel Bikes and all the characters that flow through that place
memories of all the characters that work in that place

in that stream of conciousness I thought of Big Dave
wondered if he was in the military
wondered if he had died in Iraq like so many young men that stood proud and did as they were told
then.... this morning in my Inbox... a few random emails arrived from Big Dave himself

Dave is in fact alive and well
traveling the world
it appears that he is in fact still in the military
seeing things that I only get to witness on the Discovery Channel other things on the Six O'Clock News

big wheel bikes in and around washington dc for over thirty years
monkeys in india?
bike race in ethiopia?