amy carter went to school there

behind that red truck that is behind harper is a small elementary school stevens elementary if i remember correctly that is where amy carter when to grade school again... don't quote me never quote me always double check anything I write or I say I have a habit of mixing lies with the truth it is a little game I play


J said...

Yep, Amy Carter went to Stevens for a brief time, before her parents withdrew her and sent her tp private school (Sidwell, maybe?).


gwadzilla said...

how are ya?
strange that we do not ever cross paths
guess we are running different loops
when I am not chasing my kids I am running in circles chasing my tail

I was listening to Kingface the other night
had me thinking of Lunchmeat and United Mutations
your era
your crowd
bring back the bicycle chain bracelet!

J said...

Funny, I was thinking about Kingface the other day, and how I have that on vinyl and can't presently listen to it because I am sans turntable. Did they ever release that on cd?

Lunchmeat... ha ha... long time ago. I wore that bike chain bracelt for something like 12 years... I can't tell you how many airport security hassles that thing caused, or how many blank stares I got after I told them that I never took it off. Oy.

Those were some funny days.

I'm sorry we don't cross paths more, but I just don't get out that much lately. Mayb e I'll see you at the CityBikes/RFK race on Sunday (where I'm planning to spectate and show my solidarity with my other Racing Union comrades).

Anyway, take care, and I hope we can catch up more soon.