don't take life too seriously

I have a problem
well... I have many problems
one of my problems is I take myself too seriously
I need to relax
I need to let down my guard

it is good to let go
it is good to let out a good laugh

it is good not to take life too seriously
people take life too serious

I need to relax
I am a Type A Slacker
that is not a good thing

I was once told that I could take the fun out of wiffle ball

larry camp has a great write up from last night's wednesday at wakefield
that photo is from last year by gary ryan

now I am obsessing over whether it is "don't take life too seriously" or "don't take life too serious"

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roaldrhody said...

You are so right about the "taking a lighter feel of life" I have a new mantra "getOOTO" or "get out of the office". I guess as we get older (maybe youth is wasted on the young)we experience more things to make us realize life should be more fun and games and less about work and the office. Anyway, keep up the blogging and one of these days I hope to ride with you. (this is Roald)