some shots of some of the Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team
four out of five of their five man team at the 24 houra of big bear

some of these image were shot by cargo mike

it is interesting to think that this was my first face to face exchange with riderx of The Single Speed Outlaw
sorry we did not get to chat more

the single speed defined on the wiki page

a good crew of people these outlaws
did not see much of them as we were camped away from each other
only ran into becky in the woods on a night lap
it was good to see her out on a night lap
it is always good to see friends out on a night lap

I would have liked to have ridden with RickyD or RiderX
too bad they did not give me a wheel to chase at some of my slower points in the race
it is always good to grab a fast friend's wheel when you get the chance

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