AZ... doing the AZ thing.

AZ on myspace
AZ messenger yard sale to raise money to send four DC Couriers to the Messenger Worlds
the top two women finishers and the top two men finishers in the Destination Dublin Alleycat

a few months back I had offered AZ some antique Polaroid Land Cameras
working cameras from the 50's
AZ was not interested
then a few days back AZ asked if I still had these cameras
to which I responded...
I do not
bummer... AZ had broken his trusty Polaroid camera
to which I responded...
I do not have the antique Landcameras but I do have a modern Polaroid camera that you can have

so we met up and I handed off the camera
at which AZ asked me to
plug his messenger stuff yard sale
to which I responded....
I already have

then AZ asked me if
I wanted to buy some spoke cards... some day old spoke cards from and event that already happened
we talked briefly about the Spoke Card phenomena
spoke cards for a race I have not done?
I bought five for my kids and some of the neighbors
figuring I could lend my support without posing out

the spoke card is an interesting thing
race numbers are removed from the bicycle after the race
just as lift tickets are often removed from the riding gear after the day on the hill
while spoke cards remain
why is it that a zipper with twenty lift tickets is uncool
while a wheel with 20 spoke cards can be super cool
that is... if the person rode and raced in those alleycats that the cards represent

my kids have the spoke cards on their wheels having no idea what an alleycat race is
they do not even know what a messenger is