watching people steal your bike...

cameras pointed at bike racks

laws are rules
these guidelines for life seem almost unnecessary
we all know right from wrong
we do not need a sign every ten feet to tell us what the law is in that particular situation

the signs on the border of Rock Creek Park that say NO DUMPING
those that are dumping their construction debris there know that it is illegal
the sign reminding them the law has no effect upon their action
like the sign telling dog walkers to pick up their dog poop
people will behave in a certain manner no matter what the law is
no matter what the sign says

it only takes one ignorant contractor and one ignorant dog walker for a eye sore to be created or for a pet placed landmine to litter the area

there are various spots where people are dumping their shit whenever they choose
how can they be stopped?
the doors and the paint cans...
the worn out tires...
the yard clippings that will never decompose in that large pile...
they know they are wrong
they do not care
to these people... it is an issue of doing what they do
only showing remorse if they get caught
which in so many ways is too late... unless it changes future behavior

behavior needs to be changed
some people just were not raised right
some people just never grow up


Meredith said...

Or perhaps there needs to be more education on what to do with those items, and where, when and why. Having an event in DC 2 times a year doesn't seem to be enough. If you ask me, there is a future in "waste" disposal. San Fran and other western cities have great reuse/recycle organizations. There is so much stuff that is crap to so many people but gold to others. I have a soft spot for rummage wanderers.

SiouxGeonz said...

Snork... I always interpreted those signs to mean "people dump here and get away with it, but actually it's illegal." I suppose with the stuff there I might think it was okay since I could see the signs that other people did it... but the sign communicates the otehr message more effectively: if you have something you want to dump and get away with it, here's the spot!

gwadzilla said...

maybe it is legal for them to dump after midnight
as these things always happen in the middle of the night

gwadzilla said...

people are lazy selfish assholes

the dump is there...

contractors know that there is a dump

they just do not want to do things "the right way"

I see people dumping yard clippings
they look like a grade schooler shop lifting