in like a lion... out like a lamb

in like a lion and out like a lamb...

just in from a 25-30 mile road ride on the Jamis Nova with the riser bars
still rocking the cross tires... will leave the knobbies on until they wear out

had a gap in the day while Lisa took the boys to get their hair cut
went out hard and came snailing home
over dressed and under ate
as if I were a wrestler trying to make weight
bonked hard
guess that is what is called "bonk training"

left the house with nothing in my stomach just a water bottle in my pack
no coffee... no red bull... no gel... no power bar
the water bottle out of reach... water carried for desperation... just in case
nothing but the midnight snack from the night before and the morning coffee that long since served its purpose
suited up for a day I had not yet seen light of
felt dressed appropriately when I stepped out the door with the bike over my shoulder
out the alley and onto the street
not more than a few minutes of pushing the pedals and I felt that I was over dressed in some ways and under dressed in others

knicker pants over shorts was enough while two pairs of socks under the well worn mountain bike shoes was not
made an effort to wiggle the toes to avoid numbness
hands were fine with a standard pair of full finger gloves
the gortex shell over the various under layers was way too much
I knew I was going to sweat
which was fine since I felt that I was overdue for a good sweat

it was shockingly sparse bicycle-wise on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park considering the warm winter weekend day
less riders on the road was good because I got passed less... everyone hates to get passed
head on I saw a slew of serious riders who were all smiles from what must have been a serious ride
THC was ahead of a pack that was filled with some familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces in familiar jerseys

there were very few cars on the road
I really hate to get passed
I hate getting passed by cars and by bikes
the roadies can be as much of a nuisance as the cars
the fast close pass without warning is an obnoxious action with some high risk potential
each pass stirs up a different set of emotions

buzzing the tower is for chumps
it is not the chump that gets buzzed
it is the chump that does the buzzing
I got buzzed by some chumps
some chumps in cars and some chumps on bikes

I got over it
but at the moment it pissed me off

rolled home exhausted but feeling I should have stayed out for more
but then realized... I need to get home to FACEBOOK

good day on the bike
need to get out a bit more
climbed on the scale to day and did not like the direction the numbers are going

Flobots-No Handlebars on YOUTUBE