my electronic addictions...

me and my electronic addictions
it is funny how the electronic addictions connect and intertwine
the blog... FACEBOOK... and Scrabble
Scrabble on FACEBOOK

the basic electronic Scrabble game
there was an electronic Scrabble game at Games Dot Com some time back
that game offered chat along side of the actual game
the FACEBOOK version appears to be similar
there are public and private games
in the times of Games Dot Com I seem to recall lurkers
as well as all sorts of internet game ethics and obvious breech of ethics
the online is a culture
a culture with countless sub cultures

but I must focus
trying to put my boys to bed and play four games of Scrabble simultaneously
getting stomped by Justine 136-112
just learned that the challenge is friendly and the computer says TRY AGAIN
which allowed me to put down a work that is actually a word
my turn again at 183 to 171

FUNNY... my younger son just turned off the power strip to the computer
one time is curious
two times would be malicious

back to the games where I am fighting to keep up with Justine
she had one off turn which allowed me to bridge the gap to 157-163
it is my turn against Che... but I think she took off til tomorrow.... I may have to dump... crap letters
dump? crap? I made a scrabble funny

gotta go get my Scrabble fix.. it has to happen now... there is no letting that FACEBOOK SCRABBLE MONSTER into the work place

my turn

oh man... I am such a space cadet
a game was started by me and it was my turn
sorry aden... not the fastest start
learning the interface.... CLICKED on MY GAMES... a list of games with scores/ game name/ and whose turn and guess what... it is my turn