MTV Generation...

I am not sure where I fit in with what would be called the MTV Generation...

there was a time before cable television
growing we were a little late to cable tv

cable came late to our neighborhood
we may have been late to get it once it was available
we were not allowed to watch television anyway
videos were more Friday Night Videos and Solid Gold
there was some late late night stuff... Uncle Wiggley's or something to that effect
the coolest of the cool were on that show... but it was not always on my radar
most of the videos we saw we only saw when we were out dancing in the clubs
we would stare at the small hanging television screens as we danced at Cagney's, Whispers, Carmichael's, and Poseurs

when we got cable by the time I was in cable MTV was in full swing
at this time MTV was still pretty much a music channel
there was that crappy show that we could not get enough of win Ken Ober called REMOTE CONTROL and then the first season of THE REAL WORLD which I did not watch much of because I was living in the real world

more and more shows entered the all music channel
the all music channel started playing less and less music
they jammed poison and whitesnake down our ear drums and had us singing along to TLC
everybody was a gansta rapper
and I grew a little older
I was older than their target market
which was obvious because I just did not get it
as cool as Jackass or Bam may be... it is not for me... an occassional taste is more than enough
that Celebrity Death Match clay-mation wrestling show always tripped me out

I wonder who if LETTERS TO CLEO would be a good match against VERUCA SALT

oh man....
I just had a ugly electronic mess
both YOUTUBE PAGES were open and the videos would not pause
I had to cancel the close out the page
it was pretty close to a force quit
alone both are sweet and poppy
on top of each other they made a musical mess

I am quite positive that Missy of Tuscadero would hate to have her band mentioned in the same sentence of either of these bands

Tuscadero on the Wiki Page

sorry... listening to the RADIO on iTunes: Big R Radio- 90's Alternative
while playing SCRABBLE after a shower after a solid solo road ride