riddle me this...

why are there so many people riding around on 1,400 dollar bikes with 14 dollar pedals?
why? because they do not know that there are options

the standard options are...
flat pedals, pedals with toe straps, and cycling shoes with cleats that click into clipless pedals
well... there is now another option...

Ergon a company best known for its handlebar grip innovations has come out with a pedal... the PC2

I have been zipping around town on an old beater single speed mountain bike with a pair of these
and I must say... these pedals are a joy
these pedals have brought new life to a crusty old bike that was no fun to ride... until now
hard to believe that a pair of pedals would be enough to lure me to ride this crusty old bike
but it is true... it is my current "go to" bike
and I love wearing whatever shoes I choose

big clunky Blundstone boots? no issue!
high top sneakers? a great match!

the Ergon PC2 two offers a level of performance and comfort unmatched by any pedal I have ever used
no... this pedal is no substitute for clipless pedals and shoes
but it is a fantastic option for those looking to ride around town in their business casual or their pumped up kicks

I am a fan...
if I worked in a shop I would have people try these pedals on their test rides
why? because they would buy them