DC could use some Bike Boxes... and an explanation to cars that BIKES BELONG!

DC could use some bike boxes...
in addition to bike boxes
the drivers in Washington DC could use an education about cyclists rights and the dangers of the car driving styles in this city

if nothing else... professionals should drive like professionals
if we could get each group to be educated... we could change things
honestly... DC Police drive in a fashion around bicyclist that scare me
I feel them tailgating me and on narrow residential roads they unconsciously "play chicken" with me in the same fashion as any other driver does

if Cab Drivers and Bus Drivers were given a lesson in how to behave around cyclists that would be a big step!

then... penalties to professionals who drive in an unprofessional manner would be another great step

in this time of "safe routes to schools"
if we could just get parents to drive in a safe manner... shit... if we could just get them to drive in a rational way while they have their kids in their car... well... that would be a huge step

has Portland reached its bicycle maximum density?

What is Washington DC doing in 2010 to become more bicycle friendly?