it is possible... it can happen...

in Australia...
Man Dies After Being Hit by Bike

I do not know the specifics of this case... but I do know that we all need to be careful
whether in a car... on foot... or on a bicycle
yes... people also need to be careful on skateboards and roller skates!

it is not so common... but it can happen
a bicycle with pedestrian accident can most definitely end badly
the faster the bicycle is moving... the greater the likelihood of a serious injury
both parties are at risk in this collision

in my travels I find that a good number of pedestrians are tuned out
pedestrians entering the streets without looking for cyclists... heck... pedestrians not looking for anything
people ignoring that old adage "look before you leap"

it is important for everyone to travel hyper-alert
the cyclists need to anticipate the variables before them just as the car driver needs to anticipate the variables in front of them
the pedestrian... well... the pedestrian must also be alert
logic and sensibility

face down into the cell phone texting is no way to cross the street
look both ways before crossing the street... then look right again

we all need to be hyper alert
paying attention to the variables as they appear in front of us

cyclists should ride outside of the door zone
ride in a place where the cars can see them
look at the eyes of the driver to confirm that they have been seen
and then... keep the bicycle where they are most safe

in Boise, Idaho