shit... my back...

my back... yes... my f_cking back

one day last week... I can not recall which day... maybe Tuesday maybe Wednesday
not sure which day...
all I remember is that it was in the morning before work
lisa had left out for school with the kids
I had already walked the dog
I hustled around the house trying to get out the door and onto the bike so I could get into work

heading down the stairs with a armful of stuff when it happened... a change of clothes... my cell phone... and some dirty dishes
a slick step and some slippery sock sent me sliding

my cereal bowl dropped to the floor and smashed while I hit the old oak stairs
trying to "break" my fall my right arm hooked over the banister maybe causing more harm than good
at impact I was howling in pain

jumping and dancing around the house after bouncing down the stairs

I did a check over my body as I ran about in pain
nothing seemed to be broken so I continued on my way to work

there was some soreness in my lower back and my right arm
the soreness was slight... hardly visible... nothing near debilitating
a bruises on my elbow and inner bicep were visible within a few days
along with some swelling in the lower right hand corner of my back
I really did not give it all much thought

then this weekend... this glorious fun filled wintry weekend
something happened

the snow came just as it had been predicted
a blanket of snow covered the ground while snow continued to fall
lisa and I took the boys sledding at Klingle Mansion in the morning
then when the boys took a break to rest and refuel I went cross country sking
when I returned without so much as sitting down and and I was rushing about the house trying to get the boys suited up for an afternoon session at an alternate sledding spot

bedtime was late due to dinner down the block
so friends down the block had the sense to invite a few families over for dinner
everyone ate then the parents drank with the children played
it was a party... well... it went late into the evening like a party

then come Sunday and the family was ready for more

we ate some breakfast and all geared up for a day in the snow

after a late morning into the late afternoon sledding session at Klingle Mansion I altered my focus to digging out Lisa's car for the approaching work week
it had been a super session with all sorts of kids and friends
I was thinking of cross country skiing and then hopefully some more snow related activities with the kids in the late afternoon

it just happened without warning
that zap of pain that freezes a person in place and sends them screaming... MY BACK

I stopped in my tracks
my failure to rest left me vulnerable
just the wrong twist tweaked the already traumatized area

no more shoveling of snow
the shovel was used as a cane to get me into the house

nothing but baby steps and an excess of pain

hot bath and the rest of the afternoon in front of the tube with head

now I have ice on my lower back
looking to get to bed early
hopefully a good night sleep and a day at home tomorrow set me straight
I fear that I may be taking a trip to the doctor come tomorrow afternoon

back to the Burger Meister Meister Burger with the boys
hopefully this is just a few days of back spasms and then on with things