Coca Cola...

Coca Cola... part of our life... part of our culture
the pop culture influences of Coca Cola are undeniable 
Santa Claus?
Mean Joe Green?

what other Coca Cola commercials\ad campaigns influenced our lives?

Brian Baker's first tattoo was a Coca Cola tattoo
it matched the Coca Cola red bathroom in Dag Haus

I try to not drink soda...
like any addiction... it is all or none
I go cold turkey... then Coca Cola sneaks back into my life
I start to think that it is what I "need"

dragging at work... looking for a kick in the afternoon
home from work... looking for a little push to keep me from collapsing on the couch 

Sugar Cane instead of Chemicals...
I often seek out
Coca Cola Hecho en Mexico
but apparently
there is now
Coke Life

I say... I should try Coke Life
but really
I should give up Coca Cola and soda all together
money and health

a few tangents... Coke, Brian Baker, Dag Haus

Santarchy a few years back