this movie was interesting and informative... but also curious to me because this was happening around me... I was at so many of those shows... I went to high school with some of those key players...

Positive Force: More Than a Witness

this film could well inspire young people to be more active
the notion of "the collective"
alone is not as strong as together

this film filled in the blank for me on so many things

I was there... I was "just a witness"
I was at the majority of the shows where clips were shown
this was my community
Kevin Mattson was a year ahead of me in high school
Jenny Toomey was a year behind me in high school

Revolution Summer... that was the summer after I graduated from high school

fantastic film
giving credit to those who deserve credit
explaining some things that were unknown to me when they were happening


ties in some things that I have been intrigued by
Meese is a Pig
perhaps the highlight of the film for me...
Seeing Jenny Toomey and seeing how active she was in her activism... well.. it was on my radar but I did not know how active her activism really was
although... in later years I do recall seeing her speaking in front of Congress and other similar such high level things

glad that this was not all just about Ian and Dischord
it is important that other influences too the scene get credit