self righteous pedestrians...

ah... my quick short morning commute
did not pass GO
did not collect 200 Dollars
did not land on Park Place... but I did start on Park Road

the short ride to work is so frustrating
the danger of all the variables around me
the inability to go more than one block with the bike lane being more a hazard than a sanctuary

and then the pedestrians
yes... the self righteous headphone wearing pedestrians

the behavior of the pedestrians and the attitude of the pedestrians

it irks me to have pedestrians bark at me about my behavior on the bike
if I buzz them or put their life at risk... sure... they can interject
but if I am granting them space and no threat to their safety
well... they can keep it to themselves

this morning a pedestrian barked at me as I rushed a light
crossing the intersection when the light was "ORANGE"
just changing from yellow to red
now cars do this all the time... sometimes in an acceptable fashion sometimes in an unacceptable fashion

on the bike... if it is safe... it is rational

the headphone wearing pedestrian barked at me
I barked back
he got the bird
I got the bird right back

so I looped back
but there was no logic or reason
just two jokers pointing the finger at the other

no one looking at the clown in the mirror

he was off the curb before the sign read WALK
yet he had issue with my bending of the rules

it was awkward
he was cocky and uncool
I hate getting into these shouting matches
as I do not want to fight anyone... but I hate when someone takes an aggressive stance that escalates things into this awkward what next situation

best thing to do... ignore things and keep rolling