SWIZ played a reunion show at the Black Cat for the Salad Days Documentary premiere weekend

 SWIZ at the Black Cat 2014
who would have guessed it
how many years later?
how many bands later?

original SWIZ lineup?
what is the history of Swiz?
what marks the formation of Swiz?
which came first? the band Swiz or the Swiz logo stickers?



my ticket was for SUNDAY!

Jason put me on paid receive at the last minute before the show on Saturday
so I biked down with my camera to listen to some tunes and snap some shots

great catching up with so many great people
reunion shows bring out a reunion of fans
old friends and familiar faces
face to face answers to "where are they now?"

great catching this opportunity to catch SWIZ what must be 20 years later

Alex on Drums
Dave on Bass
Jason on Guitar
Shawn Brown on the Mic

mention of Shawn on the Gwadzilla Page

great synergy with these guys
they rocked
it looked like the band was enjoying the show as much as the crowd
but big picture... it is cool to see these bands from this younger\later wave of DC Hardcore get some credibiity

I am not positive, but I think that Swiz played one cover
funny... from the first chord I knew it was not a Swiz tune
smuggly I crossed my arms
thinking... I know this song
this is The Faith

The Faith on the Gwadzilla Page

but no... the song kicks in and I start picking up the lyrics
and it is a song by Government Issue
they talked about "first shows" 
shows that I attended... attended with them

Government Issue on the Gwadzilla Page

I met Shawn at the shows in our early teens
street skating at Rock Against Reagan
hanging out on the stairs of the Wilson Center
and of course
listening to music at "the shows"

we also worked at bike shops together... messenger work... and riding bikes

I went to Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school just a year or two ahead of Jason and Dave
although we never had any classes together 
there was plenty of overlap in our day to day lives
I skated... but nothing more than dabbling compared to Dave and Jason 

Cedar Crest... White Flint... the woods across the street from Marcus'
Jason and Dave lived and breathed skateboardings along with a colorful cast of characters
most of which I am proud to call friends
all of which make me laugh when I think of them

funny... the main stream mocked the counter culture skateboard crowd... weird to think that their efforts on these ramps were pushing the limits of the sport
certainly as challenging as any mainstream sport

the reunion was in association of the premiere of the Salad Days Documentary

Salad Days Documentary

I am not sure in what capacity... but I know Jason Farrell was involved in the Salad Days Documentary
guess I will have to wait for the credits to see how he contributed

creative character that Jason
I would bet that Jason designed more records for Dischord than any other designer... even Jeff Nelson
but that is my uneducated guess
would be interesting to know

and why not...
Jeff Nelson on the Gwadzilla page

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