a great historical document

Major Lawrence.

Major was a man far before his time.
Major was into some shit long before anyone else.

baking bread and good beer
soulful music and vegetarianism
yoga and massage
personally I do not get Astrology
but... Major was into that too

and then the basic holistic stuff
herbal remedies and other random stuff that no one had ever heard of at that point in time

Major used to talk about some far out shit that no one else was talking about
which was rad
Major was rad

I do not claim to know Major well... but I will claim that I knew him well enough to call him a friend

I always liked Major
even if I did not get his new age talk about Yoga and eating right

anyone know where Major is these days?

this photo appeared in a DC magazine called Regardies back in the mid 1980's
it would be cool to locate the photographer and have him publish not just these photos... but all the photos of all the people he photographed on that day

Regardies Courier Photo Shoot

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