is that Bill's mother?

I think that this may be Bill Duval's mother
not sure
but I think that images are by Bill Duval's dad
and I think that this image is of the photographer's wife

great shot from the Capital Crescent Trail when the trail was a train track
amazing collection of images of each unique stretch of land that is now the Capital Crescent Trail

I rode a section of the Capital Crescent Trail today

photo from here

that bridge reminds me of high school... the Jerry's Sub Shop arcade years
I used to walk the tracks across that bridge with Jimmy Van Landingham
I say bridge because I can not spell trussel or is it tressel
either way... spell check does not like it


nathan shearer said...

That was a big party spot back in the '80s and used to have bonfires up there. Hence the big hole that was in the middle of it for years.
I remember walking through the old tunnel when I was young going to Games People Play that was in the skyscraper of it day, the Air Rights Building. There was a mural painted in the tunnel that would once again be a message of these times: A pig wearing a bib with folk and knife in hand with the words "eat the rich" below

gwadzilla said...

not bill's mom

Games People Play ROCKED!