Secret Santa- Secret Snowman- Sea monkeys

this week as I tried to finish up the few Christmas purchase I also had to grab a few Secret Snowman - Secret Santa gifts for each of the boys' classes

there was a ten dollar limit...
what can be purchased for ten dollars?

well... lots of stuff can be bought for ten dollars
especially when thinking of a second or fifth grader

I thought about mini Nerf guns... there were all sorts of great little LED Lights... small LEGO sets...
no shortage of under ten dollar items

I could not resist stepping up to 12.99...
12.99 for a Sea Monkey starter kit!

so... Dean and Grant were excited to have their Sea Monkey kits as their Secret Santa - Secret Snowman gifts...

the boys left off for school with their backpacks on their backs and their wrapped Sea Monkey kits stored inside
when I met the boys after school I was to see how the Sea Monkeys were received
as I know... the Sea Monkeys can either be a super hit or a super miss

Grants answer to my Sea Monkey question was short and sweet... a girl named Lila got them and was SUPER STOKED... Lila knew what Sea Monkeys are and she has always wanted them
while Dean's answer was more confusing... Dean was coming home with the Sea Monkeys

after short explanation Dean's explanation made sense
apparently there was some serious trading going on in the 5th Grade
the Sea Monkeys changed hands a few times
Dean had traded up to a Harry Potter mini set... which had him excited... then Dean's blond haired buddy James gave him the signal... "no... not that!" Dean questioned James if this was the same gift that James had bought Dean for their after school among friend gift exchange... James could not answer that... but it seemed obvious
so Dean made one more trade

Dean traded for the Sea Monkeys
which worked out fine... as it turns out... people who wanted the Sea Monkeys got the Sea Monkeys
an aside... in Dean's class the kids got to pick the random wrapped presents
James picked the present that he brought knowing he wanted it
which is similar but different than what happened with Dean

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